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AB Shaper Pro
Review Summary
The AB Shaper Pro is a European abdominal toning product made to assist the user with their crunches. Since crunches can put the neck and back at risk for straining the AB Shaper Pro supports the body while you perform these moves. The exerciser lays the AB Shaper Pro flat on the ground, positions themselves on it to do a crunch, then grab the handles over their head for a supported crunch and better work out form.

Obviously the AB Shaper Pro takes a lot of hard work and motivation to use properly. It cannot be used discreetly but this product can be folded flat, making it somewhat portable and easy to store. You can use this equipment anywhere you have the room and anytime you have a moment to do your abdominal routine. It is not clear whether the AB Shaper Pro needs to be assembled before its first use.

Information About Manufacturer
Since there is no official website for the AB Shaper Pro there are no details about its manufacturer. What we do know is the manufacturer has not gained FDA clearance for the AB Shaper Pro at this time, nor is there any clinical study results to back the claims made about it. This does not make the product necessarily unsafe to use, however. There is no toll free number for customer service issues with the AB Shaper Pro.

• The AB Shaper Pro is designed to enhance the way you do your abdominal toning exercises
• The AB Shaper Pro is made to enhance your form while exercising

• You need to work hard and have the motivation to use the AB Shaper Pro
• AB Shaper Pro cannot tone your ab muscles for you
• You cannot use AB Shaper Pro while you are doing other things
• There is no FDA clearance, clinical study evidence, or bonus materials for AB Shaper Pro

Price And Shipping Information
The AB Shaper Pro is €33.95 with no information listed about shipping and handling costs. There is also a lack of shipping and delivery time information. There are no bonus materials included with the AB Shaper Pro.

The AB Shaper Pro is a simple piece of equipment that can be used to increase the challenge of crunches while making them potentially safer for your back and neck. You can take the AB Shaper Pro along with you for travel but it will not do the hard work of your abs routine for you. Before you settle on a particular abdominal toning product you might want to first check out the review, comparison, and consumer feedback sites that provide free information about various fitness equipment.

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