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Review Summary
ABSolution, a book by fitness pro Shawn Phillips, is written to guide you to a perfectly ripped abdomen. Phillips takes the approach that it takes everything to have perfect abs. Rather than simply describing ab exercises, or pontificating about his own particular diet and fitness routine, Phillips discusses in ABSolution how everything you eat, how you sleep, the frequency of your down time, and even your mental life has a direct effect on the shape and look of your abs.

Like other fitness books ABSolution needs no assembly, can be read anywhere, is portable for travel, and requires your hard work and motivation to put its principles into practice. ABSolution is intended to help your form while you exercise and should help you work other parts of your body too.

Information About Author
Shawn Phillips is a fitness expert that has produced a number of health and wellness products, from a computer program to help organize your exercise routine to various books and DVDs. As someone who has modeled for fitness media products Phillips is most famous for the look of his six pack abs. As the author of a book, there was no need for Phillips to gain FDA clearance for ABSolution. There is no clinical research supporting Shawn Phillips particular philosophy on abdominal toning, nor is there any toll free number to call.

• You can use ABSolution to improve your fitness form while working towards better abs
• ABSolution includes tips on better eating and a healthier lifestyle in general

• Using ABSolution to reach its intended results takes a lot of hard work and motivation
• ABSolution does not have a toll free number, warranty, or satisfaction guarantee
• While it requires no assembly you will need to read all of ABSolution before implementing its ideas
• ABSolution has no FDA clearance or scientific research backing its claims

Cost And Shipping Information
You can buy a copy of ABSolution for as little as $1 from resale and auction sites. There is obviously no warranty on this book, and ABSolution does not have a satisfaction guarantee period either. Delivery time and shipping policies will depend on which retailer you order it from.

ABSolution is a book about how you can shape your lifestyle to shape your abs. The author Shawn Phillips has experience with fitness and is known for his great abs. Once you have read the whole book and are ready to implement its ideas, using ABSolution will take a lot of effort, energy, and time on your part though it may have added benefits like toning other parts of the body too. You should check out a lot of the video demonstrations, product reviews, and comparisons out there before deciding on an abdominal toning product.

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