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Ab Chair
Review Summary
The Ab Chair is a piece of exercise equipment that supports the head, neck, and back during ab sit ups and crunches. It features a padded head rest and hand grips for a more comfortable workout. Ab Chair is made to provide you with a better range of motion during these exercises, too. It is not clear whether or not Ab Chair will help with your form for exercise, but this product is compact enough to move and store easily.

Using the Ab Chair means being rather conspicuous and it takes effort to use it properly. It cannot be used just anywhere, as you will need a bit of room, nor can you go about your day while using the Ab Chair. This equipment comes in two versions, the Deluxe and Elite, which have a few minor differences in their design. Some assembly is required.

Information About Manufacturer
Nothing specific is known about the Ab Chair’s manufacturer. There is no specific information about a manufacturer’s warranty or satisfaction guarantee covering this product. You may be able to find a retailer that provides a warranty of some kind, though none offer satisfaction guarantees at this time. This also means there is no toll free customer service number to call.

• The Ab Chair is small enough to transport
• Both Ab Chairs are designed to relieve strain when you perform abdominal exercises
• You can find the Ab Chair at various online retailers

• The Ab Chair cannot be used discreetly
• It takes a lot of effort and motivation to use the Ab Chair
• There is no clear manufacturer info for the Ab Chair’s producer
• You cannot use the Ab Chair while you are doing other things

Price And Shipping Information
The Ab Chair retails for $79.99. There are no clear shipping charges posted for the Ab Chair at this time, nor is there a set time limit for the Ab Chair’s delivery. No bonus materials are included in the cost of the Ab Chair.

The Ab Chair is an exercise aid that can be used to prevent straining and increase the range of motion for abdominal exercises. It is available in two versions. Ab Chair is portable, can be collapsed for storage, and includes features like a padded head rest. Using the Ab Chair takes a lot of hard work and motivation to get the intended results. There is little known about the manufacturer of this product, though you might find warranty coverage through some retailers. If you are interested in purchasing an ab product of any kind be sure to check out reviews and comparisons online. These are of no cost to the consumer and can be helpful when it comes to making a decision about which fitness product is right for you.

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