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Ab Coaster Deluxe
Review Summary
The Ab Coaster Deluxe is an in home abdominal exercise machine designed to harness the power and biomechanics of the lower body for abdominal transformation. According to product descriptions, Ab Coaster Deluxe is intended to promote a trim, firm midsection that only requires the effort of a few minutes per day.

Ab Coaster Deluxe, as the name suggests, involves body motion, so we’re not talking about a passive workout here, but an activity assisted by a machine. Ab Coaster Deluxe is a unique looking machine that allows the user to kneel on a coasting platform that glides on two curved rails. The user stabilizes the upper body with elbow rests and handlebars. The lower body, however, is able to swivel and glide along the rails, back and forth, activating the upper and lower abs, along with the hips, buttocks, and thighs. It does require focus to do properly.

Ab Coaster Deluxe is evidently supported by some clinical trial reports, though they are difficult to locate. The FDA does not address Ab Coaster Deluxe and does not need to for it to be a safe option on the consumer market. The product requires no batteries, but it will likely involve some amount of assembly upon delivery. Consumers are offered a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 60 day product warranty for the Ab Coaster Deluxe.

Information About Manufacturer
The Ab Coaster Deluxe website does not provide immediate access to manufacturer information. The site is informative, however, featuring video, success stories, FAQs, a blog, press blurbs, and toll free customer service and ordering numbers. Consumers can visit the Ab Coaster Deluxe website for more information on the product and the various programs that come with it, including a DVD.

• Ab Coaster Deluxe uses body weight.
• Ab Coaster Deluxe requires no power source.
• Ab Coaster Deluxe is supported by a helpful website.

• Ab Coaster Deluxe is somewhat expensive.
• Manufacturer information is somewhat difficult to come by.
• Ab Coaster Deluxe comes with only a 60 day product warranty.
• Requires assembly.

Pricing and Shipping
Ab Coaster Deluxe sells for $249.95 plus $39.99 shipping and handling. Consumers can also elect to pay in 5 installments of $49.99 plus the $39.99 shipping and handling. Something called “priority processing” is available for those consumers who purchase the product with one payment.

Final Thoughts
Ab Coaster Deluxe is part of a large abdominal fitness device market that is booming right now. Consumers interested in working the abs at home should consider visiting multiple abdominal fitness device websites in order to find the product that will best serve their needs. Visit Ab Coaster Deluxe’s website to compare it to other products that are formatted after a similar principle. Consult customer forums and review sites as well for outside opinions.

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