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Ab Energizer
Review Summary
The Ab Energizer is an As Seen On TV product that is made to contract your abdominal muscles 700 times in ten minutes. This electronic stimulation belt is advertised as a pain free muscle toning system that works the same way exercise does. The belt itself is cloth and wraps around the midsection. You can wear it just about anywhere as the Ab Energizer takes batteries and it is very portable, plus you can wear it discreetly under most clothing. Ab Energizer does not seem to need assembly before you use it the first time. Retailers do not state whether or not Ab Energizer improves your form. This system takes no effort or focus to use, which is the point of Ab Energizer working your ab muscles for you.

Information About Manufacturer
There is no specific information about Ab Energizer’s manufacturer. This means there is no manufacturer’s warranty or satisfaction guarantee, though you may be able to find a retailer that provides one for the Ab Energizer. The manufacturer has not gained clearance from the FDA, nor are there any clinical trial results for Ab Energizer, though that does not mean this product is necessarily unsafe to use. There is no toll free customer service number to call for the Ab Energizer.

• Ab Energizer can be worn around the house or when you go out
• No assembly is required
• The Ab Energizer is made to contract your muscles 700 times in 10 minutes
• Ab Energizer is designed to replace abdominal exercises

• The Ab Energizer uses batteries instead of a rechargeable source
• There is no clear information about the Ab Energizer’s manufacturer
• Ab Energizer has no warranty or satisfaction guarantee
• You can only purchase Ab Energizer through retailers as there is no official website

Price And Shipping Information
The Ab Energizer is about $20 on sites like Ebay. This cost includes a carrying case, tightening gel, and a weight loss guide. Shipping and handling for the Ab Energizer is about $8. Because this product is sold through a number of vendors shipping times will vary.

Ab Energizer is like a lot of ab belts on the market in that it uses electronic stimulation to work your muscles in a manner similar to exercise. It is powered by batteries, is slim enough to fit under most clothing without notice, and is made to be worn while you perform other tasks so as not to take up your time. Ab Energizer requires no effort on the part of the exerciser and does not need to be assembled before its first use. Before you make a decision about a specific ab product, be sure to check out a number of free review, comparison, and video demonstration websites.

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