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Ab Lounge
Review Summary
The Ab Lounge is likely familiar to those consumers who have seen As Seen On TV advertisements. The product is among the many abdominal fitness products sold in that venue. Some consumers might have seen the Ab Lounge under the name AbLounge or Ab Lounge Sport. In any case, the principle of use is the same.

The Ab Lounge is a simple device that is roughly the size of a lawn or camp chair. It’s foldable design makes for storability, though it would appear to require some assembly as well. The Ab Lounge user sits in the chair, braces the feet against the footrest, grips the overhead handlebar, and then prepares to do a jackknife motion. The product pivots where the back meets the seat, allowing the user’s body to do the same. The motion allows for a contraction and release that is said to work abdominal muscles.

This product is designed for a specific form during exercise. It is not supported by clinical trials, and neither does it come under the purview of the FDA. Given its simple design, it requires no power source at all.

Information About Manufacturer
It is not clear who exactly makes Ab Lounge or any of the other Ab Lounge products aside from the possibility that the company name is, actually, Ab Lounge. We did not find an official site, and the retail market features multiple Ab Lounge products for a variety of prices. Some product information points to a 90 day product warranty, but without a manufacturer website, this is difficult to characterize with precision.

• Ab Lounge is simple and portable.
• Ab Lounge motion is regular and supported not requiring focus.

• Ab Lounge is not supported by an official website.
• Ab Lounge requires some assembly.
• Ab Lounge is not often supported by a lot of product information.
• Ab Lounge information can appear to be disparate and confusing.

Price And Shipping Information
We have seen Ab Lounge sell for $77, though this figure could clearly vary from retailer to retailer. The same goes for shipping and handling charges, though we’ve seen some concrete numbers at $11. Again, retailers can do what they will with these numbers.

Ab Lounge is in competition with many other, similarly conceived, products. Furthermore, it is a part of the abdominal exercise product market, which is vast. Consumers interested in Ab Lounge can carefully compare it to similar products, and to other types of abdominal exercisers. Without a manufacturer’s website, this is somewhat difficult, but with so many retailers carrying Ab Lounge, it is possible, in the end, to develop an adequate picture of what the product is, how it works, and how it can help consumers increase the fitness of their abdominal muscles.

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