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Ab Lounge Sport
Review Summary
Ab Lounge Sport is one of many As Seen on TV products. This piece of fitness equipment was designed to provide people with an easy, effective way to tone and tighten the core muscles. As many dieters are aware, the abs is a notoriously difficult area of the body to achieve results in. Machines such as the Ab Lounge Sport often claim to finally provide people with a way to see results. Below we will take a closer look at this machine to see how this company states such results are possible with their machine.

The Ab Lounge Sport does look like a lounge chair at first glance. However, it is equipped with foot handles and a hinge that allows the chair to fold in during exercise, which allows for the popular jackknife action to workout the abs. The company behind the Ab Lounge Sport claims that this movement actually elicits more muscle activity in both the upper and lower abs, as well as the obliques. As people workout, the Ab Lounge Sport also provides support for the head, neck, and back as a way to help prevent injury.

Originally, the Ab Lounge Sport cost around $130 when it first hit the market. However, there are now online stores that offer this product for a discount price. In fact, some stores have dropped this price down to as little as $85 to $90 at this time, which is around 40 percent in savings. Consumers can shop around a bit online to ensure that they find the best deal for the Ab Lounge Sport.

At this time, there does not appear to be an official Ab Lounge Sport, but there are plenty of online retail stores that post details about this fitness machine. Some of these stores also post consumer reviews, which at times provide a more in-depth look at products when it comes to how they really perform for people.

Final Facts
In the end, the Ab Lounge Sport may appeal to people who have been looking for a fitness machine made specifically to tone the core. As mentioned above, there are actually a number of ab fitness machines now on the market. Some consumers may enjoy pairing some of these machines together to maximize results. When it comes to the Ab Lounge Sport, it may work well in conjunction with The Flex Belt. This ab toning belt features medical grade EMS technology that can directly trigger ab workouts, and the belt has even been cleared by the FDA to strengthen the core muscles. Additionally, it has been shown to produce visible toning results in a matter of weeks.

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