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Ab Sculptor
Review Summary
Ab Sculptor is a basic piece of ab toning equipment designed to add more challenge into your abdominal toning routine. Ab Sculptor is a rocking steel frame the exerciser uses to rock from a reclining to an upright position. This takes the typical motion of a sit up and makes it one fluid movement. Products like the Ab Sculptor are generally made to decrease the amount of strain put on the neck and back, which may be enhanced in this case by a padded head rest. It does not require much form as you exercise.

You can easily move Ab Sculptor but it isn’t really portable in the sense you can discreetly take it with you to the gym or when you travel. Using Ab Sculptor takes a lot of effort and one will be conspicuous when using it. This simple equipment does not require batteries.

Information About Manufacturer
There is no information about the Ab Sculptor manufacturer at this time, which may be due to the fact that Ab Sculptor is no longer produced. This means there is no access to warranty or trial study evidence information either. It seems, however, that Ab Sculptor has no third party trial evidence or FDA clearance though that should not indicate this product is unsafe to use.

• The Ab Sculptor is non mechanical, which means it doesn’t require batteries or an outlet
• The Ab Sculptor is designed to enhance typical ab exercises like sit ups and crunches

• You cannot use Ab Sculptor while you perform other tasks
• The Ab Sculptor takes a great deal of energy and time to use properly
• Ab Sculptor is no longer produced and may be difficult to find at online retail sites
• There is no third party clinical study results for Ab Sculptor at this time

Price And Shipping Information
The Ab Sculptor used to retail for $29.99. Prices will vary between vendors who currently carry this product. You should expect the same of shipping costs and delivery times, both of which will change between retailers.

Ab Sculptor is a simple piece of equipment that allows you to add more of a challenge and potentially eliminate some strain for your regular abdominal routine. You can use A Sculptor wherever you have enough room to work out, and while this product is easy to move it is too large to be truly portable. Using Ab Sculptor can make your abs routine simpler but it still takes a great deal of effort to use. Any time you are interested in purchasing fitness equipment like an ab product be sure to check a variety of free review and comparison sources first.

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