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Ab Shaper
Review Summary
Ab Shaper is the name of several products currently on the market or still sold through auction sites. These products are generally the same in that they are steel frames that rock the body from a reclining to an upright position. This means you can do your old sit ups and crunches in a new way with an Ab Shaper. Most Ab Shapers have a head rest and hand grips to make your workout more comfortable and without focusing on what you are doing, other than keeping up the motivation to keep going.

An Ab Shaper is made to ease the strain of a workout but they still take a lot of effort on the part of the exerciser as most fitness equipment does. It is not clear if it is meant to improve your form for exercise. Typically these products are small and light enough to move and store with ease but are not really portable in the truest sense unless they can be disassembled. If this is the case the Ab Shaper will need to be assembled before your initial use.

Information About Manufacturer
There is no clear manufacturer info because of the ambiguity of what the Ab Shaper really is. This means no toll free number to call, for example. What we can tell you is there is a 30 day satisfaction guarantee policy on the products sold under this name, though their manufacturers do not seem to offer a warranty. There is no scientific research backing the claims made about any Ab Shaper at this time nor have their producers gained FDA clearance for these products. This does not mean, however, that the Ab Shaper is necessarily unsafe to use as no FDA clearance is needed.

• The Ab Shaper is made to enhance your abdominal workout
• You can disassemble the Ab Shaper for easy transportation

• You must assemble the Ab Shaper before use
• The Ab Shaper takes a lot of effort and time from the exerciser
• Ab Shaper cannot be used discreetly or while performing other tasks
• No warranty information, too free number, or clear manufacturer info for the Ab Shaper

Price And Shipping Information
Most Ab Shaper products sell for $29.99 and shipping and handling costs are an additional $9.99 or so. Because Ab Shapers are generally sold through many channels there is no definite delivery time for this product.

Ab Shaper is the name of several products, all of which are made to increase the fluidity and decrease the strain of sit ups and crunches. While not portable in the truest sense, Ab Shaper can be taken along easily enough and used wherever you have enough room and whenever you have some time to exercise. Manufacturer information about this product is convoluted based on the ambiguity of what the name Ab Shaper really means. Anyone looking into fitness products should take advantage of all the free and easily accessed review information available through various websites.

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