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Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt
Review Summary
Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt is an ab toning belt that requires little more than a 9 volt battery and the willingness to wear it for a time. This system demands no exertion from the person using it and does not seem to require any assembly. You simply adjust it around your waist and turn it on. Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt is designed to then contract your abdominal muscles repeatedly, simulating what the abs do during exercise.

There is no mention whether or not the Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt is supposed to help you with your form for other exercises. You can wear it anywhere and the belt is made to be slim enough to fit under clothing, though it may be difficult to discreetly carry the battery pack. The Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt runs on a 9 volt battery, one of which is included with each unit.

Information About Manufacturer
The exact manufacturer of Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt is unknown as this is a product sold through infomercials and As Seen On TV retailers. This means that warranty and guarantee issues are handled through the vendor. While each unit automatically comes with a 30 day guarantee warranty details change from one retailer to the next, some charging an additional amount for a warranty. Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt is cleared for use by the FDA but there is no third party clinical results concerning this belt at this time.

• No assembly is required
• A 30 day satisfaction guarantee covers every Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt

• The battery pack for Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt is not discreet
• Not clear who manufactures this product or what its warranty information is
• No third party clinical study results available
• Sold through multiple vendors, which means a variance in things like shipping policies

Cost And Shipping Information
Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt is $99.95 and typically ships for free. The cost includes a 9 volt battery, the Walk It Off CD and a nutritional guide which, along with the free shipping, is an estimated $30 value. Mailing time will depend on the vendor. This product does not seem to ship outside the US and Canada.

Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt stimulates the abdominal muscles with electrical pulses and uses a simple 9 volt battery pack to do so. It can be worn just about anywhere with ease however it may be hard to disguise the battery pack under clothing or in a pocket. This belt is designed to improve the abs without exercise. You should check out various sources of feedback and reviews if you are interested in purchasing this or any other abdominal toning product to form a balanced opinion.

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