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Belly Burner
Review Summary
The Belly Burner is a cloth belt intended to hold heat close to the body for an increase in fat loss over the midsection. The manufacturer states tighter, firmer abs should also result. While it requires no hard work and motivation per se, Belly Burner is supposed to be used with some sort of exercise or physical activity. Like similar heat retention belts Belly Burner can be worn unnoticed beneath most clothing.

Belly Burner is not meant for use on other parts of the body. The belt itself is held closed with velcro and is made to fit any waist size up to 50 inches. Because the Belly Burner is made to take inches off the waist with heat, rather than build up muscle, it cannot help you with your technique for doing ab or core exercises. No assembly is required before you start using the Belly Burner and since it is non mechanical it never needs batteries.

Information About Manufacturer
According to certain retailers, Belly Burner is produced by 2 Elevens LLC. Little is known about this company other than they have the Belly Burner manufacturer in China. This could very well be where the company is based out of, since many Belly Burner wholesalers are in China too.

What is known is they cover their product with a 30 day guarantee. There is no warranty information from the manufacturer about the Belly Burner at this time. There is no FDA clearance for the Belly Burner at this time, though that should not imply it is unsafe for use. 2 Elevens LLC has not released any third party study results at this time.

• You can use Belly Burner while exercising
• Each Belly Burner belt is completely portable and lightweight

• Belly Burner cannot stimulate your abs in lieu of exercise
• No clear warranty information about the Belly Burner
• The Belly Burner is not cleared for use by the FDA at this time
• No Belly Burner third party trial results

Pricing And Shipping
Belly Burner is $19.95 plus shipping and handling charges, which will vary depending on what retailer it is purchased from. Some Belly Burner sets come with an additional belt as well as a food guide, calorie counter, and nutrition plan. These bonus materials may vary from one retailer to the next. In most cases the Belly Burner will arrive within 2 to 3 weeks of purchase. The Belly Burner can be shipped internationally.

Belly Burner is made as an aid for your workout, especially if you are exercising to take inches off your waist or tighten up your abs. The manufacturer does not clearly state how the Belly Burner works, however, and there are no third party trial results at this time. Belly Burner can be used during exercise and worn discreetly as you go about your day. Any consumer shopping for an ab belt should read as many reviews, comparisons, and customer testimonials as they can to make an informed decision.

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