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Contour Ab Belt
Review Summary
The Contour Ab Belt is an abdominal muscle stimulation system that wraps around the waist in the form of a cloth belt. Once you turn on Contour Ab Belt and set it to one of its 100 intensity levels this product it sends electrical pulses into your abdominal muscles. The result should be muscle contractions that mimic the movements of exercise. It is not clear whether Contour Ab Belt will help your improve your form during exercise.

This belt can be used on other parts of the body and comes with instructions on how to do so. Contour Ab Belt is made for use while you go through your daily routine and it is completely portable. This unit, however, is not streamlined enough to be worn under clothing without notice as the control panel is rather large. As far as one can tell from its retailers the Contour Ab Belt does not require assembly, though you will need to supply 4 AAA batteries for replacement now and then.

Information About Manufacturer
Contour Ab Belt is manufactured by Contour Technology, LLC. This Minneapolis based company features the Contour Ab Belt as their top product. It actually seems to be Contour Technology’s only product at this time, though the company has existed for some time. Customers can contact Contour Technology LLC via a toll free number. At the time of this writing there were no 3rd party study results posted by Contour Technology with regards to the Contour Ab Belt, nor was this product cleared for use by the FDA.

• The Contour Ab Belt is portable enough to be worn anywhere
• You can choose from Contour Ab Belt’s intensity levels from 0 to 100
• Contour Ab Belt can be used on other parts of the body

• The Contour Ab Belt cannot be worn under clothing discreetly
• 4 AAA batteries are required to run Contour Ab Belt
• No FDA clearance for Contour Ab Belt at this time
• The manufacturer currently has no Contour Ab Belt clinical trial info available

Price And Shipping Information
The Contour Ab Belt’s total cost is $214.75, which is the initial $14.95 trial period plus the $199.80 price of the product. This price includes a diet guide focused on calorie counting and nutrition, though its value it unknown. The Contour Ab Belt takes 7 to 10 days to ship. Customer outside the contiguous US are charged an additional $30 for shipping. Contour Technology does not ship their product overseas.

The manufacturer offers a 2 year warranty on Contour Ab Belt to customers who pay the total price of the belt upfront, rather than taking advantage of an installment plan. Each unit is covered with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, too.

The Contour Ab Belt is designed to replace the ab exercises so many people use to try to shape their abs. This product seems to be made to solve both health and cosmetic issues with the body. While it is portable enough to be used on the go, Contour Ab Belt is not slim enough to be worn without notice under most clothing. To find out more about this and other ab products, the consumers should check out a variety of review sites and comparison pages.

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