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Fast Abs
Review Summary
Fast Abs is a workout DVD led by trainer and fitness personality Tony Little. Fast Abs is set up to lead the viewer through 50 minutes of abdominal exercises that tone and strengthen your core muscles. With upbeat music playing in the background, Little demonstrates the moves that are said to reshape your abs without hurting your back and neck. There is no indication just what level of exerciser will most benefit from Fast Abs.

While Fast Abs will take a lot of hard work to do properly and cannot be used discreetly, this DVD is made to improve your form as you workout. You can use Fast Abs wherever there is a DVD player and enough room to exercise and there is obviously no set up, besides popping in the DVD, involved.

Information About Manufacturer
The Body Express DVD series includes a number of fitness programs, many of which are hosted by Tony Little. There is not much information about Body Express as Fast Abs and their other DVDs are all sold through various online retailers. Body Express does not offer a warranty or satisfaction guarantee on Fast Abs and there is no toll free number for the company.

• Fast Abs can be used wherever there is a DVD player and enough room to exercise
• The small size of the Fast Abs DVD makes it portable
• Fast Abs with Tony Little is designed to help you improve the strength and look of your abs

• Fast Abs does not have a warranty or satisfaction guarantee policy
• There is no toll free number for Fast Abs or its manufacturer at this time
• Fast Abs cannot be used while you go about your day
• It takes a great deal of energy and time to use Fast Abs properly

Price And Shipping Information
Fast Abs retails for about $16.95. Shipping and handling charges will vary between retailers, as will shipping times and policies. Fast Abs does not come with bonus materials. Some retailers may include a warranty or satisfaction guarantee period with their price for Fast Abs even though the manufacturer does not offer one.

Fast Abs is yet another addition to the host of Tony Little fitness products currently on the market. Fast Abs is small enough to be portable but can only be properly used where you have a DVD player and lots of room to move. There is no indication which level of fitness enthusiast will benefit most from Fast Abs but it is assumed anyone can work this assembly free product right away. Shipping, warranty, and guarantee policies will vary between Fast Abs retailers. To make sure you are making an informed decision about the ab product you hope to buy, be sure to read feedback and opinions from a variety of sources.

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