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Nuphedrine® - Extra Strength Top Rated Fat Burning Capsule
Review Summary
Among the myriad of weight loss products in the marketplace, only a few stand out, and in that small circle, NuPhedrine is definitely a star. Cutting edge, and non prescription, this product can provide thermogenic fat burning of hundreds of extra calories per day just by taking the capsule. NuPhedrine contains clinically proven ingredients that are expensive, but they really work, so expense really is not an issue for ecstatic users who have seen tremendous results. You really do “get what you pay for” with a product like NuPhedrine.

We definitely recommend checking out the blog postings about this product. Their customers love the product and their results. We rarely see such hype about a diet pill.

In our opinion, the three top diet ingredients in the marketplace today are the patented Advantra Z, Real South African Hoodia in a 20x strength and Slimaluma….and NuPhedrine combines all three in an effective and potent formulation. NuPhedrine is definitely a serious metabolism booster, which is what stands out about it. The reason for this is because the main ingredient is Advantra Z. When the most potent form of this herb is used, it is clinically proven to increase your metabolism to burn more calories per day, and of course NuPhedrine contains the most potent form of Advantra Z.

Furthermore, explorations on the NuPhedrine official website reveal clinical information about the three ingredients and what the user can expect performance wise from this product.

Visitors to the site are also educated about the Hoodia used in NuPhedrine and how this Hoodia is one of the only forms in America used in a clinical study documenting weight loss you can count on. This study revealed that the Hoodia in NuPhedrine caused an average weight loss within 28 days of 10 pounds with a body fat decrease of 3.3 percent, all without adding a routine or daily exercise. The product uses only certified authentic South African Hoodia, which is a rare find in diet products, since most use domestic, synthesized version of weak Hoodia product.

Confidence is so high about success on the NuPhedrine product that each order is backed by an almost unheard of 60 day Money Back Guarantee. While at the website, be sure and check out the incredible before and after pictures from satisfied customers. They are really amazing, and you don’t see many companies that can actually showcase genuine pictures like this.

Click HERE to Visit the NuPhedrine® Website

A product’s ingredient blend is, quite obviously, its most important characteristic, and NuPhedrine hardly disappoints. NuPhedrine combines three of the leading and most potent weight loss ingredients to address dieters’ most urgent concerns. Those ingredients are Real South African Hoodia Gordonii in a 20x strength, Slimaluma and Advantra Z in a 30x strength.

***Advantra Z is a patented form of the substance Bitter Orange. Bitter Orange has shown amazing results as a thermogenic, since it contains Synephrine, an alkaloid of the Ephedra family, without the dangerous side effects. It will not increase heart rate, and it has no negative effect on the central nervous system. It addresses dieters’ other most important concern (aside from appetite suppression): increased fat burning potential. The makers of NuPhedrine use only the 30X strength form of Advantra Z, which is the “Extra Strength” concentration that can enable users to burn up to hundreds of more calories per day, even without dieting or adding exercise to the daily routine. However, the makers of NuPhedrine are sensible and realistic, and they recommend on their website that users who want to lose weight incorporate a sensible diet and exercise into their daily routine. It is a shame most companies try and skirt around this issue.

***To provide more information for those who may not be aware, Hoodia Gordonii is a plant that has been utilized for hundreds of years by the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert to fight off hunger and thirst during their long hunting expeditions. The active substance in Hoodia is P57, which affects the hypothalamus gland and causes it to send a message to the brain that it is not hungry or thirsty. Clinical trials point to Hoodia’s ability to markedly reduce cravings and suppress the appetite. In fact, the Hoodia used in NuPhedrine went through its own clinical study, which showed that the average weight loss was 10 pounds and a 3.3 percent decrease in body fat over a 28 day period.

Because of the demand for this substance, dieters are encouraged to verify the validity and purity of any of the Hoodia they purchase. NuPhedrine clearly posts its certification number for the Hoodia it uses with each box so you can rest assured it is South African. Certification is absolutely essential, since there is so much sham Hoodia in the marketplace. We noticed during our review that the Hoodia used in NuPhedrine is in a 20:1 guaranteed ratio, indicating that for every 20 pounds of whole plant dried and milled, there is 1 pound of plant material suitable for encapsulation.

***Slimaluma is a patented form of the plant Caralluma Fimbriata. This plant is native to India, and it has long been thought to promote stamina and suppress the appetite. Multiple clinical trials have shown this plant’s ability to reduce subjects’ waist sizes and curb their cravings. These benefits are even more encouraging, since in NuPhedrine patented Slimaluma is combined with real Hoodia.

In a marketplace full of ho-hum products, NuPhedrine rises above the rest, as the manufacturers have taken great care to include only the best and most highly effective ingredients in their formulation.

Click here to visit the official NuPhedrine® website and learn more about their clinically proven ingredients.

The official website for NuPhedrine is a very clear and concise website on which much of the above information is available. Ingredient details and certification for the validity of NuPhedrine’s Hoodia are all posted here, which is a very important point; buyers have the right and must know what the product they are purchasing contains, and that the standards for manufacturing are of the highest importance. The website also presents and details the patents that Advantra Z holds, including its documented increases in metabolism to burn up to hundreds of more calories per day when taken in 30 percent potency (as NuPhedrine provides), that it has a part in increasing lean muscle mass, and that the “Thermic Response” (metabolizing of calories) to a meal is 4 percent greater, which means you will burn the calories you eat 4 percent faster.

Beyond the logistical details, NuPhedrine.com provides a compelling variety of exciting before and after pictures and information on the Hoodia clinical trials. The website also states NuPhedrine’s 60 day satisfaction guarantee, which is an awesome guarantee for a diet pill.

It should also be noted that in review of this product, the Customer Care Staff of NuPhedrine was contacted. The individuals in this department were helpful and informative, and contact information for the company was upfront and readily available. This is a real company you can call at any time during business hours. We recommend never buying a diet pill from a company that does not post their phone number.

Click HERE to Visit the NuPhedrine® Website

• Their customers love them. Make sure and check out the Nuphedrine Blog Postings by clicking here
• Contains Advantra Z in 30x strength, the most reputable thermogenic (fat burning) ingredient that can enable you to burn hundreds of more calories per day, guaranteed
• Contains certified and authentic South African Hoodia in 20x strength for appetite suppression
• Contains Slimaluma, another appetite suppressant backed by multiple clinical trials
• Contains no other cheap ingredients or fillers, just 100 percent Advantra Z, Slimaluma and Pure Hoodia
• Testimonials with impressive before and after photos are posted online
• Comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

• Authentic South African Hoodia is a rare substance, and to get the real deal you have to be willing to pay for it
• Advantra-Z in the 30 percent potency is also very expensive
• NuPhedrine is not cheap, because the ingredients are very high quality
• Customers may want to think about ordering in larger quantities, because the price drops. This is a no lose situation, because you have 60 days to return it if you don’t find it to suit your needs
• NuPhedrine is only available through the official website—it is not sold in stores

Final Thoughts
To say that NuPhedrine has a lot going for it is really an understatement. Supplements are judged on their potential to suppress the appetite and increase fat burning, along with the assurance provided to customers that they will, in fact, provide results. With certified Real South African Hoodia, Slimaluma and Advantra Z included in each dose, NuPhedrine is powerful in the fight against fat and definitely stands out as a leader in the diet industry. Customer testimonials and a 60 day satisfaction guarantee make this supplement a sure bet for dieters, and a product we highly recommend. Again, make sure and see what the NuPhedrine customers say on the blog postings.

Click HERE to Visit the NuPhedrine® Website

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