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Rio Ab Belt
Review Summary
The Rio Ab Belt is an EMS product made to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Although it is unclear whether this ab belt can improve your form for exercise, there is a specific ab toning function on the Rio Ab Belt along with the shape and trim program and shiatsu massage. The belt features a battery pack, making it portable and small enough to wear on the go, as well as a variety of colors to choose from.

You cannot use the Rio Ab Belt very discreetly since its console is rather conspicuous and would not go under most clothing without notice. The Rio Ab Belt tones the abdominal muscles passively, meaning you don’t have to exercise for this product to work properly. It also requires no motivation from the user beyond putting on the belt.

Information About Manufacturer
The Rio Company is part of the Dezac Group, an abdominal belt manufacturer based in the UK. The Rio Company sells the Rio Ab Belt and other products through a number of online retailers, making this particular ab belt available to customers in North America too. There is no clinical research backing the claims made about the Rio Ab Belt at this time, nor is there any FDA clearance for its use, however that does not mean it is unsafe to use. There is no toll free customer service number for those outside the UK.

• The Rio Ab Belt tones your abdominal muscles without any effort from the user
• No motivation is needed to use the Rio Ab Belt properly
• You can wear the Rio Ab Belt around the house or take it along easily when you travel

• The Rio Ab Belt is not streamlined enough to wear under clothing without notice
• You must keep the Rio Ab Belt supplied with batteries
• The Rio Ab Belt cannot be used on parts of the body other than the abs
• Rio Ab Belt has no toll free number or clear pricing or shipping information

Cost And Shipping Information
The Rio Ab Belt costs between £29.99 and £49.99, depending on the retailer, and comes with a bonus workout DVD. While Rio Ab Belt can be shipped overseas to the US there is no indication how much this might cost in shipping and handling charges. Delivery times will vary between retailers.

The Rio Ab Belt is meant to be used as an abdominal toner that replaces certain ab toning exercises. Its EMS system is adjustable through the console, and the battery operated design of the Rio Ab Belt means it can be worn while you go about your day. Before you choose an ab toning product or other piece of fitness equipment, take advantage of the free customer testimonial, review, and feedback sites across the web.

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