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Sit N Cycle
Review Summary
Cycling is a big sport in Europe and its steadily growing in popularity in the US. But it’s already a huge hit with fitness enthusiasts looking to get their waistline slim, lower body toned and abs flat. Developers are busy creating home grade machines, but while they’re getting smaller, many of us don’t have the space for one in our homes and apartments. But the developers of the Sit N Cycle, which you may have already seen being featured on TV and cable infomercials, you don’t need to have a lot of space. It’s a small scale cycle, and they’ve done away with the extras to create a streamlined machine that they suggest is as effective as larger ones, so much so you can burn up to 500 calories a session.

When you see the Sit N Cycle you’ll notice that it has a very futuristic feel and look to it due to their use of the plastic housing covering the actual mechanics of this bike. The machine consists of lower half of a stationary bike, pedestal, seat and peddles, but it doesn’t have any handles. While at first this may seem odd, according to this developer it won’t interfere with your ride, what it will do is add in an abs flat workout because the user needs to engage the core muscles more actively to keep their cycling position on point.

The developers behind this cardio fitness and abs flat machine suggest that with a price tag of $199, the Sit N Cycle is a much more affordable option than other cycles. While you can buy it outright you can also try it for $49.99 for one month, and then if you decide to keep it, they bill you for the rest. It’s also available in four colors – red, pink, blue or black.

When you take a look at the Sit N Cycle website you can quickly click on the video showing you how this device is used at home whether in your living room, bedroom, or even your den. The video also talks about the mechanics of its design, and how it can tone the entire body while targeting the lower body and getting the abs flat. In general videos are very popular with consumers, as are rating and review sites, and Sit N Cycle has been featured on these sites as well.

Final Facts
The Sit N Cycle is advertised to provide users with an alternative to large home grade cycles and cardio fitness machines. According to its developer Smooth fitness users can achieve the same kinds of high level results with this unit, while saving space at home. The exterior is made out of smooth plastic, the device appears to be light weight, and they’ve also included wheels in its design so it can be easily stored away or moved to where ever you want to workout next.

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