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Slimming Massage Belt
Review Summary
Slimming Massage Belt is a battery operated system that combines heat with massage to reduce fat around the midsection. Made for use over the as only, Slimming Massage Belt is strapped on over the abdominal muscles and turned to one of many intensity levels. It then massages the middle while applying heat, which is intended to break up and flush out fat from the area. You can use Slimming Massage Belt discreetly and it is small enough to be portable.

You don’t need to exert any energy to use Slimming Massage Belt and since this product is battery operated one would assume it can be worn while you are busy with other tasks, at least at home. It is slim enough to be worn under some clothing without notice. There is no indication assembly is required before using Slimming Massage Belt. Because it does not actually work your ab muscles this product cannot improve your form for exercise.

Information About Manufacturer
Lifecare makes Slimming Massage Belt along with a variety of other personal care products sold in the US, Europe, and China, where the company is based. Slimming Massage Belt is sold to international customers through a number of online retailers. Because Slimming Massage Belt is based out of China there is no FDA clearance for it at this time, though that doesn’t mean this product is necessarily unsafe to use. Lifecare does not have a toll free number at this time.

• The Slimming Massage Belt is small enough to be portable and can be worn around the house
• Slimming Massage Belt is designed to break apart fat
• The Slimming Massage Belt has adjustable settings for your convenience

• You cannot wear the Slimming Massage Belt discreetly under all kinds of clothing
• The Slimming Massage Belt requires batteries
• Slimming Massage Belt has no clear shipping, warranty, or guarantee policies
• Slimming Massage Belt cannot improve your form for future work outs

Price And Shipping Information
The Slimming Massage Belt retails for $49.99 from most vendors. Shipping costs, delivery times, and other shipping policies will vary from one retailer to the next though one should expect at least a day 10 wait from ordering to the product’s arrival.

Slimming Massage Belt is made to do just what it implies, massaging your abs to a slimmer shape. It also uses heat, is designed to be worn while you go about your day at home, and is battery operated. Because it doesn’t directly stimulate your ab muscles, Slimming Massage Belt cannot tone your muscles or improve your form. This product is currently sold through a number of online vendors. You should consult a number of sources for reviews, comparisons, and demonstrational videos before you buy a product.

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