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Flex Belt - Rapid Stomach Toning Medical Technology
Review Summary
In a time when people have an increasingly greater need for time saving measures and an increasingly greater need for ways to get their bodies into shape, a product such as the abdominal toning Flex Belt is a truly welcome addition to the fitness industry. This incredible device makes getting one’s midsection back into shape, or into even better shape, a truly easy task. No, you don’t need to worry with form while wearing the Flex Belt, because its Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology does it for your, while you go about your day doing work, reading, cleaning the house, or do the million other things you can’t neglect in your day-to-day life. Plus, the advanced EMS in The Flex Belt is medical science and it is clinically proven to work for everyone. In one large clinical trial conducted with The Flex Belt, 100% of the participants reported that their abs were flatter, stronger, and more toned after using The Flex Belt for six weeks. Think about it: putting on the Flex Belt and going about your normal tasks while the EMS technology, adjusted according to your needs with an intensity selection between 1 and 150, literally tones your abs for you! We understand if you want to go straight to the official website and watch their informative introductory video about the Flex Belt, and you can do so by clicking here. However, you may also choose to keep reading our informative review in order to learn more about what Celebrities and Professional Athletes are using the Flex Belt and how it is the first and only of its kind to be cleared by the FDA...

EMS is not necessarily something that you have heard of before and we certainly don’t mind explaining how this incredible technology actually works. It’s actually not that complicated, though it is wonderfully effective. The Flex Belt features three distinct EMS transmitters….one on the center of your abs and one on each of your obliques. They emit gentle electric microcurrents that will engage all of the muscles in your stomach intermittently contracting and relaxing them. It literally works all your ab muscles at the same time: lower Abs, Upper Abs and Obliques. Yet, you are not having to take time out of your day to do an ab workout because it does all the work for you. It is so effective that you will actually feel the effectiveness of the EMS workout the next day…..just like if you did a very hard ab workout at the gym. That’s right, if you turn up the intensity enough, your abs will be sore the next day. Yet you will have continued to accomplish the tasks you needed to accomplish that day. And you only need to use it once a day for thirty minutes, five days out of the week. The time it takes to achieve real stomach toning results with this convenient device won’t be taxing to you in any way. The 60-day money back guarantee offered by the manufacturer only makes this easier by ensuring your satisfaction. Check out what Actress and Dancing With The Stars diva, Lisa Rinna has to say about The Flex Belt

If you have any doubts about seeing real results, ask hall of fame football player Jerry Rice, Four time Gold Medalist (Janet Evans), or celebrity artist Liz McLarnon what they think about the Flex Belt and EMS. Their endorsements of the product are posted on the official website, www.theflexbelt.com. Consider also that the makers of the Flex Belt, have been designing, manufacturing, and marketing EMS products for forty years. Their devices are used in 5000 clinics across the world. Thus, it isn’t so surprising that the Flex Belt has become an industry standard for FDA cleared, class II retail medical toning devices.

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As we mentioned earlier, few of us feel as though we have enough time in the day to accomplish all that we need to accomplish and few of us feel completely satisfied with our tummies. And while we know how easy it is to spend money on product after product and program after program, the idea of buying one proven and incredibly convenient device that is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, not to mention a two-year extended replacement warranty, is refreshing news, to say the least. We should also point out what we mean by “proven.” In a clinical trial conducted with the Flex Belt, not only did 100% of test subjects have more toned and tight abs, but they also measured a 49% average increase in abdominal strength and a 72% average increase in endurance. Those are remarkable results. In fact Dr. John Porcari conducted two clinical trials on The Flex Belt. Dr. Porcari is considered the leading medical expert in studying abdominal exercise equipment and he has conducted over 20 clinical trials in this space.

The Flex Belt provides these results without requiring the motivation or time it takes to do specific workout routines from the user. Additionally this EMS device is lightweight, discreet, and breathable. Its design makes participating in toning session easy and comfortable to use anywhere or anytime. You can adjust the intensity level between 1 and 150 which allows you to build up your strength and endurance over time. We can’t think of a better approach to either getting your midsection into shape or increasing the results you have already achieved. This product will produce results for everyone – people that need to get in shape or those that are already in good shape. In fact – NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice used The Flex Belt as part of his training routine to take his core workouts to new levels.

At $199.99, an FDA cleared class II medical device (with a proven track record) such as the Flex Belt is truly affordable. This is especially true when considering how much money people spend on other exercise programs, fitness machines, and so on, as well as the time saved by letting the EMS do the work. We should also mention the 25% price break offered for multiple purchases of the Flex Belt:

1 Flex Belt = $199.99
2 Flex Belts = $349.00 (a $50 savings)
3 Flex Belts = $499.99 (a $100 savings)
4 Flex Belts = $649.99 (a $150 savings)

In this regard it makes a great deal of sense to consider gifting Flex Belts to people you know who might also want to receive these amazing benefits. They, too, will have the 60-day satisfaction guarantee and two-year extended replacement warranty on their side.

Click Here to visit the Offical Flex Belt Website
Website in Focus
There are a number of things we like about www.theflexbelt.com, the official website of the Flex Belt. Firstly, it is attractively designed, inspiring immediate confidence in potential customers. Secondly, it is incredibly informative, offering various videos that explain a good deal about the patented EMS in The Flex Belt, and the wonderful track record of this product. Plus, with comments from celebrities, health and fitness professionals, and everyday users whose lives have been changed by the Flex Belt, the site is very comprehensive. In fact, Super Model Adrianne Curry who was the original winner of America’s Next Top Model, swears by The Flex Belt and loves it.

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• The easiest and most convenient ab toning method we’ve ever seen
• The first FDA cleared class II medical grade device available
• 100% of study’s participants had more toned and firm abs
• Endorsed by Celebrities, Pro Athletes, Olympians and the leading Medical Professionals alike
• Truly worthwhile for busy executives, fitness enthusiasts, new mothers, and just about everyone
• Backed by a wonderful 60-Day Money Back Guarantee and two-year extended replacement warranty
• Consumers who buy the Flex Belt from outlets other than www.theflexbelt.com do not receive the 60-day money back guarantee. Plus, returns cannot be made with other resellers. Also the free magazine subscription provided by their sponsors is only available at the official website
Final Thoughts
The Flex Belt and its effective EMS technology sound pretty amazing because they truly are. In fact, using The Flex Belt to achieve your toning, flattening, and strengthening goals is an extremely great idea. With the Flex Belt you give yourself the chance to improve the results of your healthy living habits, putting a scientific toning technology to work in one of the most troublesome areas of your body: your midsection. Why wait any longer to learn how it can impact your life? Visit the official website today in order to easily get moving on toning your stomach. The 60-day money back guarantee only makes your purchase of The Flex Belt an easier decision.

Click here to visit the official website today

Or You Can Click Here To Purchase Directly from our Store

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