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Velform Sauna Belt
Review Summary
Velform Sauna Belt is made as an effort free means of getting your midsection slim and toned. By heating up your middle, Velform Sauna Belt also makes you sweat, and this in turn is meant to burn fat off your abs. The settings on this belt are adjustable. It is unclear whether Velform Sauna Belt requires assembly or batteries, though the attached cord indicates it is probably not made for use on the go. Having to plug in Velform Sauna Belt also effects how discreet it is to use.

This product is certainly small enough to be portable. Velform Sauna Belt can also be used on other parts of the body, like the butt. Because it simply heats up the part of your body being treated, this system does not improve your form for exercise the way some ab belts do.

Information About Manufacturer
Velform Sauna Belt is manufactured by Velform. Although Velform does not have an official website their products are sold across the internet, most of them heat based reduction products like the Chin Wrap. Because the Velform Sauna Belt can only be purchased through retailers there is no consistent warranty or satisfaction guarantee information for this product. There is no toll free number for Velform at this time. At the time of this writing there are is no FDA clearance or clinical study results from Velform for this product, however that should not indicate it is unsafe to use.

• Velform Sauna Belt provides a unique way to treat your midsection
• The heat of Velform Sauna Belt may provide additional benefits like relaxing your muscles
• Velform Sauna Belt is small enough to be taken just about anywhere

• Velform Sauna Belt does not seem capable of working on your abs on the go
• Unspecified warranty and satisfaction guarantee information about Velform Sauna Belt
• Velform Sauna Belt has no toll free customer service line

Price And Shipping Information
Velform Sauna Belt is $49.95 plus $6.95 for shipping and handling. A tape measure and diet guide are included in this price, though their value is unknown. The product is delivered between 2 and 10 days of ordering.

Velform Sauna Belt uses heat, rather than electronic stimulation, to effect the shape and feel of your abdomen. This sets it apart from many other ab belts on the market. It is small enough to take along when you travel but this product cannot be used on the go. Velform Sauna Belt is available from several online retailers even though there is no official website from which it can be purchased. Smart shoppers will want to take the time to look at a number of different information sources when researching which ab belt to add into their fitness routine.

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