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Waist Trimmer
Review Summary
Waist Trimmer is the name of so many products on the market, it is more of a product category than one specific item. Typically a Waist Trimmer is made to be worn around your midsection, holding in fat and muscle to give the waist a more defined look. Some Waist Trimmers are sold as a way to train your muscles to stay in a slim and smoothed position. They can be worn nearly anywhere and require no effort from the user to achieve intended results.

Most Waist Trimmer products are made of neoprene or nylon and are washable. You can wear them under any kind of clothing without notice as they hug tight to the body. A Waist Trimmer takes no effort to use, though its lack of muscle toning means it will not help your form for exercise. No assembly is required for these belt, though some simply slip on while others have to be adjusted with Velcro onto the midsection.

Information About Manufacturer
Because this is a category of product, rather than one product in particular, you will need to see if the specific Waist Trimmer you are looking at has manufacturer information. For the most part these companies do not have satisfaction guarantees or warranty on their Waist Trimmer. They may or may not have a toll free number to call with comments and questions. Generally no bonus products will be sold with a Waist Trimmer. No Waist Trimmers that we found had research supporting its use or FDA clearance, though that does not mean they are unsafe to use.

• The Waist Trimmer is slim enough to be worn wherever and whenever you want
• Waist Trimmers can hold in the midsection for a temporary slimming effect
• Waist Trimmer is portable and you can use it while you perform other tasks

• The Waist Trimmer does not actually tone your muscles
• Waist Trimmers cannot enhance your form for exercise
• Generally no manufacturer information available for producers of Waist Trimmers
• No FDA clearance or scientific evidence supporting claims made about Waist Trimmers

Price And Shipping Information
The Waist Trimmer sells for about $8.00, with typical shipping being about $5.99. Of course shipping costs and policies will change from one retailer to the next.

Waist Trimmer is a category of product that can temporarily smooth out your midsection. They are also designed to train your abdominal muscles to stay in a more aesthetically appealing position. These products can be worn and taken along just about anywhere as well as used while you perform any number of tasks. Before you decide on an abdominal fitness product be sure to take advantage of a number of review and comparison sources, both written and in video form.

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