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Welcome to AbsFlat.com — a comprehensive and informative source to help you get your Abs Flat! Lets face it, everyone wants Flat Abs….do you or anyone you know wish you actually didn’t have Flat Abs? We have information about all the best products and services to show you how to get flat abs.

Well, our site is dedicated to helping you achieve your ab toning goals. We have information about hundreds of different products in the Ab Workout space. Please feel to free to read our informative reviews for these various products. Additionally we have tips and recommendations for some effective ab toning routines you can do on your own.

There are so many different types of products on the market for getting your Abs Flat...
  • There are ab machines that you order from a TV ad and then when they arrive they need to be assembled for a couple of hours. Some are so big and bulky that you need a dedicated space in your house/apartment for them. In our opinion most of these products are just gimmicks that are simply overdone. You don’t need a big Ab Machine in your home to help you achieve Flat Abs. However – everyone is different and some people find these products to be effective for them….although most end up throwing them away or storing them in the garage after just a month or so.

  • Then you have informative and educational ab workout products to help get your Abs Flat like exercise DVDs and e-books. These products work for a lot of people. They just require time and dedication to learn the perfect ab toning forms required to do the routine correctly as well as the motivation to get it done. And of course most of these products are based on one person’s opinions on how to achieve Ab Flattening results. Regardless of what the product is, exercise is always a good thing.

  • And then you have products that are designed to help you flatten your abs by making it easy for you. There are neoprene belts that go around your waist to help you sweat more in the stomach area while exercising. These can help you lose temporary water weight, but they don’t actually help you get Flat Abs long term. There are also various Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) belts designed to workout your stomach muscles for you. Most of these are cheap gimmicks that the FTC shut down because they couldn’t back-up their claims. But there are also a couple or high quality ones that are actually cleared by the FDA because they have been proven to be safe, effective and have clinical trials to back up what they can do. We think the quality EMS Ab Belts are a great fit for everyone….to be used on their own or in conjunction with whatever else you might be doing to achieve getting those Abs Flat. Just make sure you only get the ‘real deal’ when ordering an EMS Ab Belt.
As you can see there is a lot to choose from out there to assist you with getting Flat abs. We hope you put in the time and dedication to get it done. You definitely won’t regret it if you are successful. We also hope you find AbsFlat.com to be a great resource for helping you achieve your goals in getting those Abs Flat!

Our Editors Choice:
TheFlexBelt® - There is no doubt that the abdominal toning Flex Belt® is setting the standard for effectiveness and convenience in the world of getting fast and effective Flat Abs. It is leaving competitors in the dust because of its ability to help consumers tone, flatten, and strengthen their abs anytime and anywhere ALL without having to have a bulky piece of ab equipment in their house. The Flex Belt® uses medical grade EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) technology that is the first to be cleared by the FDA for actually ‘toning, strengthening and firming the abdominal muscles’. It literally flexes your stomach muscles for you providing perfect contractions. The Flex Belt® gives people the opportunity to work their abdominal muscles while they read, cook, watch television, surf the net, work, clean the house or do just about anything else. This medical grade device is a remarkable breakthrough for all consumers: those who are in great shape and just want to take their routine to a new level, or those who merely are in need of extra help with getting their Abs Flat and more toned. There are a lot of EMS Ab Belts out there and most are cheap, unproven and have no clinical trials to back up their effectiveness. What we LOVE about The Flex Belt® is that is thoroughly backed by research including multiple clinical trials in which 100% percent of participants experienced results in their abs being more toned and firmed. They also have endless testimonials from real users (some of them well known celebrities – read our full review to find out who). The Flex Belt® has quickly become the standard for abdominal toning products.


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